In security access control is one of the restriction imposed to protect a place or a resource from unauthorized access.Locks , keyless entry doors and login credentials are some of the mechanisms of access control. An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit. Access control System keeps your business, employees and property safe and secure. The Access control system can also monitor visitors as they enter and exit your place. Businesses may focus on entry and exit points to secure the building /places from theft or other disturbances. keyless Entry doors may be installed at the entrance of buildings to prevent undesired individuals from accessing your business place and breaching security. Magnetic stripe cards installation may be required for access to the building and security cameras will monitor the situation. Access control eliminates the need for an individual to be on staff at every entry point.
Access control system is a solid investment made, not only towards organization and professionalism but also towards security. An access control system involves authorization, separating employees from the public and workers from management personnel.