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HD CVI Cameras Installation

HD CVI Cameras Installation Los Angeles

string(600) "Composite Video Interface or CVI is a new surveillance technology allows solution for the consumer who is looking into getting their surveillance systemor already has a surveillance system installed and wants to upgrade to high definition without breaking the bank. Composite Video Interface or CVI is the perfect mixture between IP CCTV Surveillance System and Analog Surveillance System. It blends the two technologies into one easy setup-affordable option. The benefits of CVI are not limited to a low cost CCTV Surveillance alternative but also incl" ...

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HD 1080P Cameras Installation

HD 1080P Cameras Installation Los Angeles

string(600) "1080p means a resolution of 1920x1080, or 2MP (2 Megapixel). 720p is 1280x720 or 1 MP this means 1080p has twice as much image detail and produces images that are twice as large in terms of overall pixel count. 1080p Security cameras consume twice as much network bandwidth and storage. In other words, streaming remotely via the internet will be twice as slow, and your storage will fill up twice as fast. If image quality and detail is of utmost importance, then 1080p security cameras are the way to go. However, if you are not covering a large area, you may be bet" ...

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Mega Pixel IP Cameras Installation Los Angeles

Mega Pixel IP Cameras Installation Mega Pixel IP CCTV Cameras Installation Los Angeles

string(514) "Megapixel IP cameras take video surveillance technology to the next level by providing much higher resolution than 720p CCTV security cameras. Megapixel IP cameras are the cameras with over one million pixels. Most are rated 1.3MP. HDTV CCTV cameras are also considered as megapixel cameras including 720p and 1080p HDTV IP cameras. Megapixel IP cameras provide higher video resolution quality than traditional CCTV Security cameras." ...

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