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Yes, You can view live and recorded video from anywhere through the Internet. This can be done on a pc, mac, or from a smartphone.
1080p means a resolution of 1920x1080, or 2MP (2 Megapixel). Our old standard of HD 720p is 1280x720 or 1 MP. This means 1080p has twice as much image detail and produces images that are twice as large in terms of overall pixel count.
Each wireless security camera has a transmitter and a receiver which sends information over a specific frequency to a video receiver – usually, it is connected to a monitor. With wireless security systems you still need power to each camera and mostly we use a battery with each security camera
1MB upload speed is sufficient for remote viewing of CCTV cameras .
Yes, Most CCTV cameras do not come with built in audio, so you will probably need a separate microphone.
All of the cameras we use, indoor and outdoor are weather proof.They are able to withstand against the harshest weather conditions.
Video Storage depends on a lot of elements, including: hard drive size, recording frame rate, image resolution etc. We asks the customers how many days they want to save the video for at a minimum and then consider all the above element.

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